New 'Conan The Barbarian' Poster Debuts Online... And It Moves!

Conan the BarbarianIt looks like the team behind "Conan The Barbarian" is handling things a little differently when it comes to the upcoming reboot of the movie franchise based on Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian. The first poster for the film was released today, and it's not your average piece of promo art — it's a motion poster.

Featuring star Jason Momoa standing atop a mountain of skulls — an homage to the classic "Conan" imagery of celebrated artist Frank Frazetta — the new poster is animated to reveal tumultuous skies above Conan and the ever-so-slight motion of his robes in the wind. The image is also features an ominous audio track that you can turn off in the lower-right corner.

The debut of the motion poster was accompanied by the launch of the new "Conan The Barbarian" website at

(Note to "Conan" marketing team: Love the image and cool animation, but auto-play audio is never a good idea.)

"Conan The Barbarian" is scheduled to hit 3-D and 2-D theaters in August.

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