Josh Brolin Denies 'Men In Black 3' Script Problems, Calls Story 'Fantastic'

After an unofficial report hit the 'net a few weeks ago that production on "Men In Black 3" was delayed due to script problems, we weren't alone in wondering whether the third installment of the popular sci-fi franchise was in troubled waters.

When MTV News caught up with "Men In Black 3" actor Josh Brolin during this weekend's Academy Awards, we asked him whether the time-traveling adventure that has him playing a younger version of Tommie Lee Jones' character was indeed in danger.

"No, no... It's good," Brolin told MTV News. "We're finally starting up again."

As for those rumors of script problems plaguing the 1969-era portion of the film, Brolin said everything is good to go now and everyone is... happy.

"The script is fantastic," he said. "We're very, very happy. I wish I could read you this email that Barry sent me. He's very happy, which makes me happy."

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