Mark Ruffalo Reveals Hulk/Banner Balance In 'Avengers,' Hints At New Angle & 'Great' Introduction

This weekend, Mark Ruffalo revealed some details about how the Hulk will look in 2012's superhero team-up "The Avengers," but that wasn't all the news the actor shared with us about his upcoming turn as the green goliath's alter ego, Bruce Banner.

During last night's run-up to the Academy Awards, Ruffalo spoke to MTV News on the red carpet and shed a little more light on how the balance between Bruce Banner and Hulk will play out in "The Avengers."

Asked how much time he'll spend as Bruce Banner and as Hulk, Ruffalo said, "It's about equal. It really is."

The actor also hinted at some interesting twists for Bruce Banner's debut in "The Avengers," and an angle on the character that fans might not see coming.

"There's some great Bruce Banner stuff [in 'Avengers'], kind of a slant on him that we haven't seen before," said Ruffalo. "He's introduced in a really great way."

The Oscar-nominated actor also reiterated that he'll be playing both Bruce Banner and Hulk in the film — something that hasn't happened in previous big-screen installments of the character's adventures.

"All the great Hulk stuff, which I'll be doing too," he said. "I'll be the first actor to do them both."

While Ruffalo was happy to chat about some of the aforementioned topics, he wasn't giving anything away when MTV News asked about the Hulk's allegiances in the film. Would the green goliath be a force for good or, like the Avengers' comic book origins, be the destructive threat that the heroes must unite to defeat?

"Only time will tell," grinned Ruffalo.

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