Oscar Winners, Kirk Douglas, And Trent Reznor In Today's Twitter Report

Oscar winnersThe gloves came off when Oscar tweeting began last night. Haters, lovers and Banksy supporters all responded to what was going on at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre Sunday, and in many cases their play-by-play was more entertaining that whatever was going on on-screen.

Kevin Smith, for instance described "Toy Story 3" in his own predictably provocative way, while Kirk Douglas and Trent Reznor both became big topics for other creators. Just don't bring up Gwyneth Paltrow's performance with Jason Aaron, because he clearly was not a fan. Find out who Batman backed, who Patton Oswalt compared to Charlie Sheen and what could have made the night worse down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for February 28, 2011.

@ThatKevinSmith Justin, no... Not ANOTHER stab at the Banksy joke. Regardless, SCHINDLER'S TOYBOX WINS! I cried more at that flick than my Dad's funeral.

-Kevin Smith, Writer ("Batman: The Widening Gyre," "Green Arrow")

@pattonoswalt Kirk Douglas = Charlie Sheen in 3 weeks. #Oscars

-Patton Oswalt, Writer/Actor ("Serenity: Float On")

@Paul_Dini Between in Kirk Douglas and Melissa Leo, we now have six minutes left. Watch 'em cut the cartoon awards.

-Paul Dini, Writer ("Detective Comics," "Countdown")

@joe_hill Jaw-dropping... Reznor and Shaun Tan got Oscars tonight. This is like my imaginary version of the Oscars.

-Joe Hill, Writer ("Locke & Key")

@jasonaaron Hank Williams & Johnny Cash just thew up in their coffins at the suggestion that there was anything country about that Gwyneth Paltrow song.

-Jason Aaron, Writer ("Scalped," "Ghost Rider")

@neilkleid The only way this could be more of a train wreck is if Spider-Man fell into the audience or something #oscars

-Neil Kleid, Writer ("Ursa Minors," "Action, Ohio")

@MarkBrooksArt No Corey Haim?! You guys at #oscars are true sh--heads. Congrats on being awarded as my douchebags of the month. #InMemory #Lucus

-Mark Brooks, Artist ("Cable & Deadpool," "Dark Reign: Young Avengers")

Deep Thought for the Day:

@God_Damn_Batman Christopher Nolan is the director Oscar deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So he'll get snubbed. Because he can take it.

-The Batman

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