Oscars 2011: Jeremy Renner Has Read 'Avengers' Script, Hasn't Seen Hawkeye's Costume

"The Avengers" hits theaters in 2012, bringing together Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and a host of other Marvel Comics heroes in one massive team-up event. While each of the aforementioned characters will have made their debut in a solo movie (or two) by the time "Avengers" premieres, the film will also feature a few other well-known heroes — including Jeremy Renner as super-marksman Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye.

MTV News caught up with Renner on the Oscars red carpet to get a few more details about his upcoming debut as the Avengers' expert archer, and how much he's seen of the "Avengers" script.

"Yes, I have [read the 'Avengers' script]," Renner told MTV News. "It's tremendous. I can't tell you anything about it."

While Renner couldn't reveal anything about the role his character will play in the film, he did share some thoughts about "Avengers" director Joss Whedon and the intimidating task he's faced with in putting all of these heroes — and the actors who play them — on the same screen.

"It's a massive undertaking, how he [will need to] pull all of those characters off and have it make sense," he said. Asked whether he's been chatting with Whedon about the role, Renner said the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator has been a little difficult to track down lately. "That guy's elusive. He's like a ninja. [He's] elusive. I don't see him very often."

As for what he's doing to prepare for the role, Renner indicated that some time with bow and arrows is definitely on his to-do list.

"There's some training I have to do, some archery lessons, obviously," he laughed.

As for the rumor that Hawkeye will make his debut via a cameo in "Thor," Renner wouldn't confirm or deny his involvement in the May 6 film starring Chris Hemsworth as Marvel's god of thunder.

"I might [have a cameo]," he teased. "Go see it. Check it out."

However, Renner seemed to indicate that even if Hawkeye does have a cameo in "Thor," he might not be in costume.

"I have not seen [the costume] yet," said the actor when asked about the archer's costume in the film.

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