Aaron Eckhart Expects 'Wonderful' Things From Anne Hathaway In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

FROM MTV MOVIES: Director Christopher Nolan told Aaron Eckhart personally that "The Dark Knight Rises" script wouldn't have a part for him. Eckhart took the news in stride, though, and the nominee for Best Male Lead at Saturday night's (February 26) Independent Spirit Awards said he expects the movie will do just fine without him — even if Nolan won't tell him what will be going down onscreen.

"I was just with Chris, and he's pretty tight-lipped about things," Eckhart told MTV News on the red carpet outside the Spirit Awards.

The man who played Harvey Dent and ushered the character into madness as Two-Face in "The Dark Knight" wouldn't admit to disappointment over not returning for the new Batman sequel. In fact, he claimed to have seen Two-Face's omission coming.

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