'X-Men: First Class' Star Jennifer Lawrence On Body Paint And Keeping Her Curves For Mystique

Jennifer LawrenceIf "X-Men: First Class" isn't on your radar, it should be. The '60s-set origin story directed by Matthew Vaughn reveals how Marvel's top mutant super-team first formed. The "X-Men: First Class" trailer seemed to earn the June 3 release a few more fans, and now two cast members have spoken up about the film in separate interviews.

Jennifer Lawrence (Raven Darkholme/Mystique) discussed the challenges of becoming Mystique, with her scaly blue skin and utter lack of clothing.

"I think I psyched myself out about [wearing body paint]," she tol Parade Magazine. "But then on the actual day, the only thing you're worried about is sitting on things and not rubbing your scales off. It mostly becomes a maintenance problem and the last thing you think about is, 'Oh right, I'm virtually naked.'"

The actress also spoke a bit about how she prepared herself physically for the performance, and how for her it was very much wrapped up in issues surrounding what is an "acceptable" body image in our culture.

"When I got the part [of Mystique] and knew I had to be naked, I didn't want to look like a pre-pubescent 13-year old boy," she said. "I wanted to look like a woman so I knew I wanted to maintain my curves," she said.

"I'm so sick of seeing these skinny little women and thinking I'm supposed to look like that and thinking young girls think they should also look like that. I worked out for two hours a day for seven days a week. I thought when I started doing it, 'Oh my god, I'm going to be so skinny.' But I ended up bulking up a little bit," she continued. "I was basically on the Hugh Jackman-Wolverine diet and doing pull-ups. As soon as I stopped, I think I lost like 5 pounds in 4 days. I think when I see the movie I'm going to look like a freaking marine or something."

One of the film's other female leads, January Jones (Emma Frost) spoke about how important for her it was to take the source material seriously in an interview with Monsters and Critics.

"I was kind of intimidated by the idea, wanting to not disappoint everyone's idea of what Emma Frost should be," she said. "So I took it on very seriously, in my research and collaborating with the costume and the hair and make-up. I'm really excited to see what they think. I feel very proud of it and some of the stuff that Matthew Vaughn's shown the cast looks really amazing."

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