'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' Actress Denies Comic Book Writer's Involvement

T.V. CarpioFROM MTV NEWS: "Things are constantly changing. It's a very creative process," T.V. Carpio told MTV News, explaining the seemingly ever-shifting nature of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark."

For some observers on the outside looking in, that might come off as spin, an "it's all good" mentality meant to calm the public while inside the musical's playhouse, "Spider-Man" continues to struggle to find its creative footing. But to Carpio, it's all part of the inspirational process of working with Julie Taymor, the visionary behind the "Lion King" musical and films like 2007's "Across the Universe."

"You have to be down to jump, because Julie is always having these crazy visions," said Carpio, who took on the role of the villainess Arachne after the original actress left the production. "She's amazing like that, and you just have to go with it."

Still, there's no doubting that the cast of "Turn Off the Dark" has had a lot to just go with. From multiple delays in the show's official Broadway debut to highly publicized safety issues and injuries, the musical is being buzzed about for all the wrong reasons. Recent reports suggest fresh behind-the-scenes talent is being welcomed into the fold.

Carpio, however, denied reports that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a playwright and comics writer, has been hired to work on script issues. "I haven't heard anything about a writer joining us. Whenever they do change anything, they make an announcement to the cast," she said. "They told us that all the rumors, if we haven't been told about them, aren't true."

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