Dwayne McDuffie and Nicholas Courtney Remembered In Today's Twitter Report

Dwayne McDuffieTwo pop culture icons left their mark on Twitter yesterday. Writer Dwayne McDuffie, who will always be my favorite Deathlok scribe, and actor Nick Courtney, who endeared himself to decades of "Doctor Who" fans with his portrayal of The Brigadier, both passed away, and their importance was impossible to miss in the feed.

The fact that Grant Morrison broke Twitter silence to comment on McDuffie's death should be enough to let you know that he's going to be missed within the creative community. His contributions to the animated "All Star Superman" feature and projects like "Static Shock" and "Justice League Unlimited" will be his lasting legacy. The writers who spoke up last night captured his importance better than I can, though. Read on for their thoughts and Courtney's impact on a couple of "Doctor Who" writers.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for February 23, 2011.

Dwayne McDuffie pt. 1: @mattfraction dwayne mcduffie wrote funny. not 'comics funny' but legitimately funny. he never drooped down to 'comics funny' and i loved him for it.

-Matt Fraction, Writer ("Thor," "Casanova")

Dwayne McDuffie pt. 2: @Paul_Dini Devastated at the passing of Dwayne McDuffie. Colleague, friend and wonderful soul.

-Paul Dini, Writer ("Detective Comics," "Countdown")

Dwayne McDuffie pt. 3: @grantmorrison Very shocked by the sad death of Dwayne McDuffie. Condolences to his family and friends. His voice lives on in the work he leaves behind.

-Grant Morrison, Writer ("Batman and Robin," "All Star Superman")

Dwayne McDuffie pt. 4: @BRIANMBENDIS we put damage control in new avengers 1 this year. i didn't know dwayne mcduffie i hope he enjoyed that.

-Brian Michael Bendis, Writer ("New Avengers," "Ultimate Spider-Man")

Dwayne McDuffie pt. 5: @mrmarkmillar Very sad to hear about Dwayne McDuffie passing away. Am actually really shocked and saddened by this. Rest In Peace. He was really fun guy.

-Mark Millar, Writer ("Wanted," "Kick-Ass")

Dwayne McDuffie pt. 6: @chris_ryall Dwayne was a guy who always seemed *just about* to break through, and he definitely deserved to. A big man with big talent and heart. R.I.P.

-Chris Ryall, CCO (IDW)

Dwayne McDuffie pt. 7: @GailSimone Dwayne McDuffie was THE most consistently under-rated writer in comics, bar none. He should be mentioned with the best. I love that guy.

-Gail Simone, Writer ("Birds of Prey," "Wonder Woman")

Nick Courtney pt. 1: @Paul_Cornell Nick Courtney really meant something to my generation of Who fans. His performance- funny, emotional, restrained, human - heart of the show.

-Paul Cornell, Writer ("Knight and Squire," "Captain Britain and MI: 13")

Nick Courtney pt. 2: @mrtonylee When I pitched the FORGOTTEN to IDW, the only tale I knew I wanted to tell at that point was one with the Brig. #NicholasCourtney

-Tony Lee, Writer ("Doctor Who," "The Gloom")

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