Malin Akerman & Kate Mara Address 'The Dark Knight Rises' & Superman Reboot Rumors

With all the excitement surrounding the various comic book movies these days, the casting rumor mill has seemingly been churning out new names by the hour — particularly with Warner Bros. heavily-hyped "Superman" reboot and "The Dark Knight Rises."

With regard to "The Dark Knight Rises," we've been hearing more about actors rumored to be joining the cast rather than actresses — aside from Anne Hathaway landing the role of Selina Kyle, of course. Still, with director Christopher Nolan reportedly saying there's another female role in "Dark Knight Rises" up for grabs, MTV News caught up with one of the actresses on the rumored contender list, Kate Mara, to find out if she's seen a "Dark Knight Rises" script.

Um, I…unfortunately I never did get to see any sort of script," Mara said during the press day for her upcoming film "happythankyoumoreplease."

"So I wouldn’t be able to tell you a thing. And I wouldn’t even be able to tell you anything about anything about it," she added. "So uh… super boring [answer] on that topic."

Fair enough, we know that all parties involved or even potentially involved in the super-secret world of superhero films are sworn to secrecy. Still, we pressed on... and asked Mara and her "happythankyoumoreplease" co-star Malin Akerman if they'd be game for a role in Snyder's as-yet-untitled "Superman" reboot, since the leading ladies in that film have yet to be cast.

"Do it! Put me in it!" Mara said excitedly.

"Put us in!" Ackerman agreed.

"You know, I think there’s a lot of rumors going around about a lot of different things and you look on the internet and go, ‘Oh really?! I’m in that?'" she said. "Or, 'Attached to that? Cool. Great. I hope my agent calls me and lets me know,' I think there’s a lot of rumors going around. I’d jump at the chance to work with Zack again, but… you know. We’ll see what happens."

Mara, who confessed she reads "all" the rumors, would also be totally on-board for a role in the "Superman" reboot.

"I love superhero movies too," she said. "I’m sort of obsessed."

"They’re fun," Akerman added, citing her time in "Watchmen." "You get to fight crime. I mean I don’t have these muscles for nothing. You know what I mean?"

What do you think about Mara's chances in landing a superhero movie gig? What about Akerman's? Tell us in the comment section or on Twitter!

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