Kevin Costner Eyed For 'Superman' Reboot Role?

Kevin CostnerHenry Cavill was cast as Superman in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the superhero film franchise, but there is still an entire movie full of roles yet to be filled. As rumors continue to pop up naming a variety of candidates for the female lead — who won't be Lois Lane — there's one star reportedly being sought who definitely won't be playing that role, but could factor into the cast: Kevin Costner.

There's a "heightened interest" in nabbing Coster for a "key role" in the upcoming reboot, according to a new report on Deadline.

There isn't any word on which character he's being sought to play, but even without any mention of it being a "key role," Costner's illustrious resume is proof enough that it won't be "Rescued Victim #3" or some other bit part.

Assuming Snyder's plan to stick with familiar characters from the Superman universe, there are two names that jump out for someone with Costner's reputation. The first is Jor-El, Superman's Kryptonian father. This was the role played by Marlon Brando in Richard Donner's original "Superman," first seen loading his infant son into the vessel which will carry him to Earth and later in Kryptonian data crystals discovered by Superman in his Fortress of Solitude hideout.

The other possibility is Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Costner isn't a guy you usually see in villain roles, so this would definitely be casting against type, but he's certainly got the talent to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel and the world's foremost evil super-genius.

Of course, this is all assuming that Snyder follows the formula that has always followed the franchise. There are plenty of other Superman ally and villain roles to draw from, but these are at least two likely contenders.

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