'The Amazing Spider-Man' Needs A Helicopter Pilot

Director Marc Webb's upcoming Marvel superhero reboot, which was recently given an official title, "The Amazing Spider-Man," is well on its way to its July 3, 2012 release. We've seen plenty of views from the set and all sorts of reports and rumors here on MTV Splash Page, but the latest comes from a casting call which reveals that Webb and his team are looking for a capable helicopter pilot.

The news comes from an update on Central Casting's Facebook page (via SuperHeroHype). It reads: "Wendy is looking for REAL EXPERIENCED HELICOPTER PILOTS for her feature film, Fiona's Tale. If that's you or you know someone, please call Wendy at 818/260-3951. This works March 11th, 2011. thx!"

Don't let the mention of "Fiona's Tale" fool you, that title is a fake that the production is using to throw off curious onlookers. The spies will ultimately have their way, of course, but not having a big sign that reads "THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN" at least keeps ignorant bystanders in the dark.

Some further clarification is offered in the comments section attached to the Central Casting update.

The pilot in question apparently won't be doing any flying. He or she will simply have be there and put on a good show of being able to work the controls. Whether this is because said helicopter will be sitting on the ground or because the pilot will be placed inside of a fake cockpit situated in front of a green screen is anyone's guess.

Helicopter pilot casting: noteworthy or a minor detail? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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