Adrianne Palicki Cast As Wonder Woman For TV Series Pilot

Adrianne PalickiBarely a day after a casting sheet for David E. Kelley's upcoming "Wonder Woman" NBC pilot emerged, the star has been named. Wielder of the Lasso of Truth, defender of peace and justice, ladies and gentlemen and fanfolk, our new Wonder Woman is Adrianne Palicki.

The "Friday Night Lights" star was confirmed for the role yesterday evening, according to Variety.

Palicki will play the Amazonian DC Comics superheroine in the pilot scripted by Kelley, which Variety also confirmed will be directed by Jeffrey Reiner, another "Friday Night Lights" alum who was reported to be finalizing a deal for the gig late last week.

Palicki is the second TV Wonder Woman, following Lynda Carter's role on the ABC/CBS series "The New Original Wonder Woman"/"The New Adventures of Wonder Woman." The series ran for a total of three seasons across the two networks, from 1975-1979. That series spawned after the made-for-TV movie "The New, Original Wonder Woman" aired in 1975.

Now Palicki picks up the lasso and bracers, bringing along a wealth of TV experience to the lead role. This isn't her first brush with geek culture either, or even DC Comics. Palicki played Siren in the 2007 "Aquaman" TV pilot, and also had a one-off appearance as the Kryptonian Kara in an early episode of "Smallville."

Most recently on the geek radar, Palicki lent her voice to "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III," a follow-up to her appearance in "Episode II."

"Friday Night Lights" fans: is Palicki a good choice for Diana Prince/Wonder Woman? In what ways do you hope to see Kelley's series differ from the 1970s original? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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