Toy Fair 2011: 'Captain America' Movie Toys Put 'The First Avenger' On Your Shelf!

This week, we've given you a peek at many of the upcoming toy lines based on the year's most anticipated comic book movies and television series, and that continues with yet another line that debuted at Toy Fair 2011 this weekend.

True believers, feast your eyes on the new line of "Captain America: The First Avenger" toys, courtesy of the good folks at Hasbro...

"Big with 'Captain America' and the action figure line is the super articulation and the likeness to the actors in the film," Hasbro rep Brian McMullan told MTV News. "Chris Evans plays Captain America in the film and it's Chris Evans' likeness in the action figures as Captain America."

The "Captain America" line will include at least two sizes of action figures: a 3.75-inch line that will cinlude basic figures and "deluxe" sets with larger weapons and accessories, and a 10-inch "electronic action figure" line with light-up features and audio clips.

My personal favorites are the super-cool Crossbones and Captain Britain figures. The characters probably won't appear in the film (though we'll see actor J.J. Feild as British superhero Union Jack), but the action figures sure are fancy.

McMullan also demonstrated the "Captain America" line's role-playing accessories, which include a disc-firing shield and a face mask that's sure to let more than a few kids (and maybe a few adults, judging by the video above) live out some super-soldier adventures.

The line hits shelves in Spring 2011, just before "Captain America" to hit theaters July 22.

Keep it locked to Splash Page all week for more Toy Fair 2011 coverage, and check out some photos from Hasbro's "Captain America" toys below:

Captain America toys

Captain America toys

Captain America toys

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