Leaked ‘ThunderCats’ Movie Footage: CGI Lion-O Vs. Slithe!

Way back in July 2009, almost a full year before the new “ThunderCats” animated series was announced, some concept art hit the ’net from the scrapped “ThunderCats” movie that was originally intended to bring the characters form the beloved 1980s series to the big screen. Now, some test footage from the “ThunderCats” movie has also found its way online — and it offers our first, in-action look at the movie that might’ve been.

Posted over at Flixist, the footage shows Lion-O practicing with the Sword of Omens, only to be interrupted by the reptilian villain Slithe (who also sports a new look for the CGI film) and dropping the sword. After brawling a bit on the side of a canyon, Lion-O recovers the Sword of Omens and issues the familiar “Thunder… Thunder… ThunderCats… Ho!” call.

The film’s new “ThunderCats” logo is then revealed, and when the action resumes, Lion-O is crouching over Slithe’s unconscious body.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.