Toy Fair 2011: Check Out The ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Toys!

Toy Fair 2011 kicked off this weekend in New York City, and just like in years past, Splash Page was there to check out the swag based on this year’s most anticipated comic book movies and television series.

Green Lantern” hits theaters June 17, but the first line of Mattel’s official “Green Lantern” movie toys arrives on shelves in May. Mattel Marketing Manager Scott Neitlich gave MTV News a quick preview of what we can expect to see when the “Green Lantern” line finally arrives in shops.

“One of the nice things about ’Green Lantern’ is that it has so many characters, there are 3,600 lanterns out there and we’re bringing a lot of them to the toy line,” said Neitlich.

The first wave of “Green Lantern” figures will arrive May 1 and then continue to roll out over the summer and into the fall, with 20 figures in the basic line, and eight figures in the “Deluxe” line, which features come pretty impressive “construct” accessories for each Lantern.

“Obviously, there are a lot of different versions of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and we use the actual digital sculpts,” said Neitlich. “Not only did they scan Ryan Reynolds, but all of the alien characters, we used the actual digital CGI files to create the toys.”

Along with the two lines mentioned above, there will be 12 figures in the collector-friendly “Movie Master” line, which is larger than the rest and features more authentic sculpts, high articulation, and a higher level of detail in each figure. Each figure will also come with a piece of a larger figure — the giant Parallax creature.

Along with the video above, we snapped a few photos of the figures on display, which reveal quite a few of the cool alien creatures (like Isamot Kol and Rot Lop Fan!) we’ll see when “Green Lantern” arrives in theaters.

Which “Green Lantern” figure are you most eager to put on your shelf? Any characters you’d like to see them add to the line? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall, on Twitter!