EXCLUSIVE: Michael Fassbender's 'X-Men: First Class' Trailer Commentary

The "X-Men: First Class" trailer hit the 'net this week and caused no small amount of discussion among those who viewed it. Along with our own "First Class" reader poll, we also heard from comic creators, and named some of our own favorite scenes here at Splash Page HQ.

But what does Magneto himself have to say about the "X-Men: First Class" trailer?

During the press junket for his new film "Jane Eyre," MTV News asked "X-Men: First Class" actor Michael Fassbender to take us through the trailer, frame by frame, to offer some additional context for our preview.

"No, I used the comics as the source material," said Fassbender when asked if he tried to channel Ian McKellan's performance as Magneto in the previous "X-Men" movie franchise.

And for those wondering about that group shot of Charles Xavier and the rest of his "gifted youngsters," Fassbender revealed that his character is just as much a student as the rest of the young mutants.

"I'm not a teacher, I'm a pupil," he explained. "Charlie boy is the teacher. ... He sees the potential in this new race... and gathers us all together to fulfill our ultimate powers."

Discussing the 1960s setting of the film, Fassbender compared Charles Xavier to Martin Luther King, Jr, and Magneto to the more incendiary civil rights leader Malcolm X.

Finally, Fassbender offered some insight on the uniforms the X-Men are seen wearing in the film. along with saying that there are two versions of Magneto's iconic helmet used in the film, he also said the characters' time in uniform will be relatively brief.

"No, that's sort of when we come together as a team," he responded when asked if they spend a lot of time in the yellow-striped uniforms.

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