Kevin Smith Goes Fanboy For Zack Snyder's 'Superman' Reboot

When it comes to Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the "Superman" movie franchise, the rumor mill has been turning at a furious pace lately. We've had actors' names thrown around, casting rumors reported and debunked in the space of a day, and lots of uncertainty about which characters from the Man of Steel's history will actually appear in the film.

When comics-friendly filmmaker and writer Kevin Smith dropped by the newsroom earlier this week for our live, streaming Q&A, we made sure to ask him what he thinks of all the Superman movie buzz.

"I love it," Smith told MTV News. "Zack Snyder is a fantastic director. He's a true director, put on this Earth to direct film 'til the day he dies."

"I love everything he's done so far, even that f---ing owl movie made me cry," he laughed. "I'm a big fanboy for Zack."

Smith wasn't done there with his praise for the "300" filmmaker, either.

"In terms of studio filmmakers, him, [Christopher] Nolan, [David] Fincher, they don't execute, they elevate," he said. "They do something that in a million years I could never do — take someone else's script and make it their own."

As for the rumor that there will be another female lead in the film — one that isn't Lois Lane — Smith indicated that some of the rumors don't make a lot of sense in the comics world at this point, but he's in favor of more actresses in the film.

"I'm all for that," he smiled. "As many women as possible!"

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