New 'Priest' Trailer Hits The 'Net

PriestUnlike the home-style landscapes of many a vampire flick, the world of “Priest” has already been decimated by bloodsuckers. That much was clear when we saw the last trailer for the film, and it’s something fans of Min-Woo Hyung’s popular Tokyopop-published manhwa series (on which the movie is based) are quite familiar with.

Now those who haven’t yet gotten their hands on Hyung’s books have a wider window into the upcoming action thriller, thanks to the latest “Priest” trailer.

The film’s namesake, played by Paul Bettany, is a holy man-warrior bent on finding the band of vampires who attacked his brother (“True Blood” actor Stephen Moyer) and kidnapped his niece (played by Phil Collins’ daughter Lily Collins).

This 36-second addition emphasizes the violent feedback Priest will face among his priestly peers and leader after defying them to save his extended family from a fate as vampire slaves. We confess, we're kind of pumped to see it.

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