'V.I.C.E.' Comic Book Series To Get A Feature Film Adaptation

"Cowboys & Aliens" producer Platinum Studios has been increasingly active the last few years with adaptations of their comic book-based properties, and today brings news of their latest acquisition: Top Cow Productions' "V.I.C.E."

Platinum has teamed up with "Jonah Hex" producer Andrew Lazar and Top Cow Productions to develop a feature film adaptation of the Top Cow miniseries, reports Deadline.

"V.I.C.E." follows a group of delinquent teenagers who agree to join the FBI's Critical Response Unit in exchange for cleared-up criminal records. The teens happen to have superpowers, which they put to good use in bringing down domestic terrorists and any superhuman threats.

The miniseries, created by Top Cow president Matt Hawkins, debuted in late 2005 and ran for five issues. Hawkins and Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri will executive produce with Randy Greenberg, and Lazar will produce alongside Platinum CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.

Top Cow has been slowly ramping up efforts to bring its comics to other mediums of entertainment in recent years. For example, there have been multiple multimedia treatments of their "Witchblade" series over the last few years. A TV series launched in 2000 on TNT, running for two 12-episode seasons before it was ultimately canceled, and an anime series from GONZO followed in 2006, telling an all-new story that fits into the series' canon. A "Witchblade" feature film is also in development, which will be "very different from the book," as Hawkins told Splash Page in 2009.

Top Cow series "The Darkness" also went multimedia with a successful Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 video game release from Starbreeze Entertainment, the same folks who did the great "Chronicles of Riddick" games. A film adaptation of the series was planned as far back as 2004 when Dimension Films picked up the rights, but there's been little movement on that front in the time since.

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