Was Kristen Stewart Offered Lois Lane Role In 'Superman' Reboot?

"Twilight" has opened a great many doors for young Kristen Stewart. The notoriously press-shy star tends to avoid making speculative public statements about her upcoming work, but news has a way of traveling. The latest is a report that Stewart sat down with director Zack Snyder to discuss the possibility of her taking the role of Lois Lane in his upcoming "Superman" reboot.

The report comes from a string of anonymous sources speaking to NY Daily News, so take all of this as rumor for the time being. Stewart apparently met with Zack and his wife Deborah, who is also producing the reboot, to discuss the possibilities.

Here's where things get sticky: One source indicates that Stewart "ultimately passed" on the role, while another source indicates that Snyder never actually offered the part to her — though he did have a "definite" interest in the potential casting.

If the first report is to be believed, Stewart said no because of her experiences with "Twilight" success. She never expected the vampire franchise to grow into the behemoth that it has, and she is hesitant to willfully ride that particular roller coaster again. Her focus now is on finding her way into more independent projects, such as last year's Sundance premiere "Welcome to the Rileys."

However, another anonymous source indicated that Snyder felt "slighted" by Stewart's hesitation, and that the meeting ended with him feeling that she had "wasted his time."

The whole situation is very murky and unsubstantiated, though it is worth noting that Stewart's publicist responded by saying that she "did not read for the part" without elaboration. There's no denial that the meeting took place, though, and that statement would have been an obvious opportunity to do so.

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