Five Characters Joseph Gordon-Levitt Could Play In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt"Inception" actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will likely be rejoining director Christopher Nolan on "The Dark Knight Rises," but there's still no word on who the talented actor could play in the third installment of the record-breaking movie franchise.

If this week's casting report proves true, Gordon-Levitt will join new additions Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway, who will play Bane and Selina Kyle in the 2012 film. However, the question of whether Gordon-Levitt is being considered for a hero or villain role is unanswered at this point.

With that in mind, here are five characters from Batman's famous stable of villains and supporting characters who might be a good fit for the latest addition to "The Dark Knight Rises" cast. (Spoiler: It's actually four serious suggestions and one ridiculous one.)



The Batman universe under Nolan's regime has largely avoided the more outlandish characters from the Dark Knight's rogues gallery, and Bruce Wayne's former friend turned deadly villain, Thomas Elliott (a.k.a. Hush), fits well in that mold. The presence of Hush in what will likely be the final installment of Nolan's Bat-franchise could also bring the story arc full circle, returning to elements of Bruce's early years to sew the seeds of what will become one his most personal enemies. Gordon-Levitt can certainly handle the intensity and the gunplay required for the role, but the back story might need some tweaking to account for the age difference between Bale (37) and Gordon-Levitt (30).



Casting Gordon-Levitt as gun-friendly assassin Floyd Lawton could provide a nice counterpoint to Hardy as the more hulking (and possibly brilliant) Bane. In fact, we originally suggested Deadshot as a character Hardy would be a good fit for, but Gordon-Levitt could be just as good — if not better — as the cool, calm, and collected marksman-for-hire, given his performance in "Inception."

Hugo Strange


Though not a great match for the character visually, Gordon-Levitt could easily bring the psychological intimidation factor of Hugo Strange to the screen. As we (and many other outlets) have noted, a character like Strange would also fit nicely into the current status quo of Nolan's Gotham, as he's one of a small number of villains who deduced Batman's identity at some point — something the authorities will want to do now that Batman's on the run. Given some significant visual changes (which sadly might include Hugo's hairline — or lack thereof), the role could be another way for Gordon-Levitt to provide an impressive counterpoint to Hardy as Bane.

Harvey Bullock


What if Gordon-Levitt isn't playing a villain at all? This role would certainly require a visual departure from the comics, given Bullock's typically overweight, sloppy physique, but the character seems conspicuously absent from Nolan's universe at this point, and Gordon-Levitt could offer a great take on Bullock as a young cop. With Batman on the run and Bullock's early history putting him at odds with the Dark Knight, the stage seems set for Harvey to make his debut. However, if Gordon-Levitt as Bullock seems like too much of a stretch, how about casting the actor as another supporting character who could play a role in the GCPD's pursuit of Batman, such as Private Investigator Jason Bard, who's helped out James Gordon on occasion?

Crazy Quilt


I'm not actually serious about Gordon-Levitt playing Crazy Quilt. I just wanted a reason to post an image of Crazy Quilt.

UPDATE: Make sure to check out our gallery of images featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as various Batman villains!

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