Rainn Wilson Explains Why 'Super' Is Every Guy's Fantasy

While there is much to be excited about in the world of "real" superheroes and superhero movies (including the big "Superman" casting, new ladies and villains in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," photos from "X-Men: First Class" and "Captain America,"), I'd like to divert your attention to another upcoming and slightly related flick: "Super."

Although not a traditional hero story or comic book adaptation, this one — directed by James Gunn ("Slither") and starring Rainn Wilson ("The Office") — follows an average guy who reluctantly tries to become heroic. And if that doesn't have you sold, take it from Wilson himself, who MTV News ran into at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

"I get raped by Ellen Page, and I make out with Liv Tyler," Wilson bragged. "It’s like I wrote the movie myself, you know what I mean?"

"Kevin Bacon and I shoot at each other, it’s really fun," he added. "I’m a crime-fighting vigilante short order cook that has no superpowers," he explained. "He just has a pipe wrench and goes and bashes people on the head. It’s pretty awesome.”

That actually does sound pretty awesome — especially the fact that Kevin Bacon is involved. However, Wilson might have been exaggerating slightly, since the last time we checked in with Page there didn't seem to be anything sexually aggressive about her character.

"Rainn Wilson plays a character whose ex-girlfriend gets into a sticky situation and he becomes a superhero, essentially, to solve the problem," explained Page back in late '09.

"I play a slightly eccentric girl who works at a comic book store who really wants to be his sidekick," she said. "Let's just say there might be some skintight yellow suits."

Amazingly enough, no mention of any inappropriateness alleged by Wilson. Perhaps he's trying to sell tickets? Look for "Super" in April.

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