'X-Men: First Class' Star Lucas Till Got Athletic to Match Havok To Comics

When Matthew Vaughn brings "X-Men: First Class" to theaters in June, the film will turn back the clock on one of the most beloved superteams in the comic book world. The X-Men were fully established by the time Hugh Jackman's Wolverine entered the picture in Bryan Singer's 2000 release, "X-Men," and former friends Professor X and Magneto had long since had their falling out.

With "First Class," Vaughn lays the groundwork for all of that. Not only will we see Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr (the future Professor X and Magneto) meet, but we'll also see some X-Men you haven't seen in previous movies — including Alex Summers, a.k.a. Havok. The brother of well-known X-Men leader Scott Summers (Cyclops), Havok will be played by Lucas Till, who will be appearing in the March release "Battle: Los Angeles."

Till recently spoke a bit about both roles and the differences between them in an interview with VMAN Magazine (via ComicBookMovie).

“The day after I arrived on location to shoot 'Battle: Los Angeles,' I started a three-week boot camp," said Till. "The first week consisted of getting my body physically and mentally ready for everything the marines would be doing in the weeks to come."

"For 'X-Men: First Class,' my routine is a lot different," he explained. "Portraying Alex Summers, I want to look as athletic as his character is in the comics. My trainer, Ed Chow, is one of the nicest people on the face of the earth, which is deceiving, because he is damn good at what he does.”

While there's admittedly not much there, Till reportedly had more to say in the full interview, which appears in the VMAN issue hitting newsstands February 10. Five months goes by quicker than you might think, but those curious about Till's talents will get their first opportunity to check him out next month with "Battle: Los Angeles."

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