Zack Snyder's Superman Reboot To Film In Alberta?

We still don't know who Superman will be in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot, but we know a few things about the movie. Jon Hamm won't be the Man of Steel, nor will anyone around the same age or older. Snyder's Supes won't share a universe with Christopher Nolan's Batman, though the Dark Knight Rises" helmer is producing the reboot.

Today's update has nothing to do with the people involved and everything to do with a location. Vancouver has long been known as one of the shooting locations for Snyder's reboot. That's where production will kick off this summer. Now there's word that at least some of the blockbuster's shoot will edge into Alberta as well.

Nothing is confirmed, but Canadian Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett confirmed to the Calgary Herald on Wednesday: "There might be one that is a $200 million[-budgeted production], but it's probably more like a $35-million Alberta spend. The details are fairly intricate right now. That's a big-budget movie for us. The success of 'Inception' and all the good comments made by the crew and actors and director go a long way. That is a movie that made a lot of money."

Nolan's recently-Oscar-nominated 2010 sci-fi flick shot in Alberta as well, at the Fortress Mountain Ski Resort. If you've seen the film then you can probably guess which bits were shot there: think snow, think giant cement castle-thing, think Tom Hardy blowing up everyone with any explosive he can get his hands on.

Assuming Snyder is looking at similar locations in the Canadian province, this could be where he builds Superman's Arctic home, the Fortress of Solitude. Or it could just be a handful of scenes in Edmonton, serving as a Metropolis stand-in. If Blackett is referring to Superman at all, of course. He notes that an announcement is expected "in the next 60 days," so we'll be hearing more soon.

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