'Fight The Foot' Fan Film Is The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie You Want To See

The 1990s live-action "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" movies weren't masterpieces, but as a fan of the cartoon show I always appreciated them for the goofy adventures that they were. The 2007 CG-animated effort went one better, ditching some of the campier bits (and the live-action) and embracing a more mature tone overall.

Now there's a new TMNT fan film on the Internet that you have to check out. It's sort of a fusion of the two eras of Turtles in celluloid, a live-action short that's all grim and ass-kicky.

In fact, you'd better check it out before I say more. We'll reconvene after the video.

It's all pretty slick, eh? It's hard to say how much money is behind it — what with HD cameras and home video editing tools being so affordable and all. Plus, it's all practical effects here (except for maybe the city's skyline). There's just a lot of tight editing, capable lighting, and good costuming. The action has a very Christopher Nolan vibe to it, with lots of close-ups and quick cuts.

The identity of the filmmaker is unknown, but the video appeared six days ago on YouTube, posted by a first-time user going by the name of FightTheFoot. There are several positive comments attached to the video, but no comment from the filmmaker yet. Whoever it is, hopefully he/she (or they) have more Turtles action in store for us — because this is some good stuff right here!

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