'The Walking Dead' Cast Talk Season 2, The Governor, And Michonne

There's still no official word on when "The Walking Dead" will return to television, but that hasn't stopped us from wondering what's in store for Rick Grimes, his family, and their ragtag band of survivors when the hit series is back for its second season.

Before last weekend's Golden Globes award show, we snagged a few moments with the cast of the AMC television series to get an update on the Season Two outlook.

"They're waiting for Atlanta to get as hot as possible before they send us back down," laughed Sarah Wayne Callies when asked when filming is set to start on the new season.

"We really do not know a thing," said Jon Bernthal. "[But] we're super excited."

While the cast didn't have much info on the timeline for the season, they did seem to confirm "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman's tease that sword-wielding survivor Michonne will make her debut this season, but sadistic Governor isn't likely to the same.

"I don't know about Season Two [for The Governor]," said Callies. "I don't know when that's coming."

"Definitely Michonne... and Hershel's farm," added Laurie Holden.

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