New 'X-Men: First Class' Photos Show Sebastian Shaw, White Queen, More!

Official "X-Men: First Class" images are floating around all over the place today, providing fans with their best looks yet at characters including Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), Emma Frost (January Jones) and more.

The Los Angeles Times has an extensive report from the set of "First Class," along with first looks at Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and the various mutant students under their supervision.

These photos clearly emphasize the film's 1960s setting, both in terms of set design, hair and makeup and costuming work. But as impressive as this first look at "First Class" might be, it sounds like the atmosphere on set is nothing short of hectic.

“I’ve never worked under such time pressure," Vaughn said of directing the picture. "The good thing about the independent world is I never even knew if I was going to get distribution. I’m used to finishing a film and then crossing your fingers that someone is going to like it. This is totally doing it the other way around. We’ve definitely got a release date and we’ve got to make it.”

Despite the looming release date and the overload of other comic book films heading into theaters next summer, Vaughn isn't worried about "First Class'" chances: "With 'Green Lantern,' I don't know about that one, I could get my head around the trailer, to be honest … look, I will say the following: X-Men as a brand is bigger than Captain America, Thor and the Green Lantern, all put together."

You can check out another "X-Men: First Class" photo at Hero Complex.

In other "First Class" news, Ain't It Cool News has posted an official teaser poster from the upcoming film. Check it out below (and head over to AICN for a larger version of the image):

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