Anne Hathaway Ends Years Of Catwoman Casting Rumors With 'The Dark Knight Rises' Role

Anne HathawayAfter several weeks, months and even years of rumors and erroneous reports, we can now say with the fullest of confidence that Catwoman, or at least her alter-ego Selina Kyle, is in "The Dark Knight Rises."

Whew! Doesn't that just feel good to say? Whether or not you're a fan of Christopher Nolan bringing Catwoman into his vision of Gotham City — with Oscar-nominated actress Anne Hathaway inhabiting the role, no less — it's just nice to know that we're finally done with all of those pesky Catwoman rumors…

And believe us, there were a lot of them.

Things have ranged from the fairly plausible to the completely ridiculous in terms of the Catwoman rumor department. We've heard names as wild as Cher and Megan Fox connected to the role, though both rumors were quickly denied after first being reported. Then there were actresses who were merely suggested for the feline fatale, like Julie Newmar's insistence on Angelina Jolie for the part and Emily Blunt's rumored interest in the role.

We shrugged a lot of those rumors off, but those of you who weren't rolling your eyes may have had the last laugh. Before her official Catwoman casting, Hathaway was loosely connected to the role of Felicia "Black Cat" Hardy in "Spider-Man 4," though she never officially confirmed her involvement. She later found herself trading cats with a rumored connection to the Batman race in November, and then, last week, Hathaway was listed as one of the five final candidates vying for the leading lady role in "The Dark Knight Rises." The rest, as they say, is history.

In the end, after tirelessly wading through a tragically thick pool of rumors, we finally have some answers. Yes, Selina Kyle is in Nolan's third Batman movie, and yes, Hathaway is playing her. Give it some time before you judge the casting decision one way or the other — for now, just enjoy the fact that the rumors are finally dead, dead, dead!

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