Hans Zimmer Says 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score Will 'Invent And Reinvent'

Contrary to previous reports, acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer isn't scoring Zack Snyder's "Superman" reboot. But he will be back for "The Dark Knight Rises," his third and presumably final Batman collaboration with director Christopher Nolan.

MTV News caught up with Zimmer on the red carpet at the Critics Choice awards this past weekend to talk about his work on the developing Batman movie, and he confirmed that he's already started talking with Nolan about the film: "Yes. And that's all I'm going to say!"

Well, that's not all he was going to say. Zimmer told us that he has "possibly" engaged in conversations with Nolan about the arc of the final film as well as some of the new heroes and villains it'll include, though he said that he "can't tell you anything more" about those characters.

Instead, Zimmer talked about what it's like approaching "The Dark Knight Rises" as the third and final act in a trilogy. While there's an attempt to call back to previous movies in the series, the composer said that he's also aiming for some self-contained elements as well.

"The thing about Chris and myself is, what we try to do, is treat each one with the autonomy it deserves, to try and invent and reinvent, not just go over old ground," he said. "I think that's what was most exciting for people on 'The Dark Knight.' They knew we were doing the 'Batman' movie, but they had no idea it was going to be that kind of 'Batman' movie."

As for whether or not he's already started working on the "Dark Knight Rises" score, Zimmer said: "Of course. Chris likes working that way. I like to give him music before he starts."

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