Will Darren Aronofsky Shoot 'The Wolverine' In 3-D?

Over a month has passed since we received an update from Darren Aronofsky on "The Wolverine," the "Black Swan" director's forthcoming comic book film that allegedly has nothing to do with the adamantium-laced mutant's last cinematic outings, save for the involvement of returning star Hugh Jackman.

But that doesn't mean that Aronofsky isn't still plugging away at his non-sequel. The filmmaker spoke with MTV News on the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards this weekend and said that he's hard at work on the project, even though he's still in the midst of promoting his current award-winning film.

"Not really," he told MTV when asked if he's started working on "The Wolverine" yet. "I've been promoting this movie ['Black Swan'] internationally, but we're still working on it and we're still moving forward, so we'll see what happens."

Cracking the secrets of a major Hollywood blockbuster is no easy task, and it's even harder with a man like Aronofsky at the helm, a creative force with famously complicated stories and filmmaking techniques. But with the recent trend of filming tent-pole franchises with 3-D in mind, we were wondering whether or not Aronofsky might dive into the 3-D realm for "The Wolverine."

"I have no comment," he grinned, effectively ending that conversation. Looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to find the answer to the question of 3-D, but for now, we'll hold ourselves over with Hugh Jackman's shining endorsement of the director and our own high expectations of Aronofsky's potential.

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