Anthony Hopkins On His 'Thor' Role: 'You Have To Do A Little Shakespeare To Play A God'

ThorHaving played Shakespearean rulers and man-eating serial killers among other powerful roles in his lengthy career, let's just say that Anthony Hopkins wasn't intimidated by the prospect of playing a god in "Thor."

Hopkins stars in the superhero flick as Odin, the divine overlord of Asgard and the father to the titular hammer-wielding thunder god. It's a daunting character for any mere mortal to face, but don't make the mistake of calling Hopkins a mere mortal -- the acting legend had no trouble filling out Odin's sizable shoes.

"Well, it's a big movie. [Director Kenneth] Branagh is extraordinary," the actor said in an interview with Collider. "How he directed that and put that together, I don't know. Well, it's about Gods so you have to do a little bit of Shakespeare to play a God."

According to Hopkins, the actor didn't dig too deeply into the back issue bins in order to discover Odin's considerable history as a Marvel Comics character. Instead, he relied on the visual information he had in front of him.

"I saw the sets," he explained. "I saw the designs and what I was going to wear and I went to the studio down in Manhattan Beach and saw what they were going to put on me and all that. So when they dressed me up I thought, well, I'm a God now."

That doesn't mean that being a god is easy, not even for Hopkins.

"It was a bit difficult to move around because they had these steep steps," he said. "That was quite tiring as it's about twenty or thirty pounds that you're carrying around with you all day. And you can't really take much of a rest. So you just come on set, and it's a huge set, and you're in armor and the camera is pointing and you're a God."

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