David O. Russell In Negotiations To Direct And Rewrite '2 Guns' For Vince Vaughn

2 GunsDavid O. Russell is a busy guy right now, currently an awards contender for his work on "The Fighter," the boxing movie that's likely to earn Christian Bale an Oscar nomination, if not a win.

Following the critical success of "The Fighter," Russell has some choices ahead of him. He's currently attached to helm an adaptation of the "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" video game with Mark Wahlberg in the lead role, but now there's another wrinkle possibly getting in the way: a comic book adaptation.

Heat Vision reports that Russell is in negotiations to rewrite and possibly direct "2 Guns" for Universal, based on the comic book series created by Steven Grant and Mat Santolouco for Boom Studios. "Wedding Crashers" and "The Dilemma" actor Vince Vaughn would star in the adaptation.

"2 Guns" tells the story of Trench and Steadman, both of them undercover operatives for separate government-sanctioned agencies who are led to believe that they're stealing mob money for the good guys. Instead, they wind up robbing $50 million from the CIA. The two men team up to keep mobsters and federal agents alike off their tails while they try to clear their names and keep each other alive.

It's too early to say which character Vaughn would be playing. There was also talk some months ago that Owen Wilson was involved in the film, though he's not mentioned in Heat Vision's report. Russell, who follows in "Brotherhood" creator Blake Masters' previous attempt to bring "2 Guns" to theaters, won't tackle "2 Guns" until he gets through the "Uncharted" adaptation with Wahlberg.

Based on the premise and the talent involved, it strikes us that "2 Guns" could have the right ingredients in place to achieve a level of success along the lines of "Red." Here's hoping it meets that standard, at least!

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