'The Walking Dead' Season Two Will Likely Include Michonne, But Not The Governor

The Walking DeadGood news and bad news for fans of "The Walking Dead." Series creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman says that Michonne, the fan-favorite sword-wielding zombie apocalypse survivor, is a likely fit for season two of the hit AMC series. The Governor, however, won't be arriving quite as quickly.

"Frank has already hinted at the fact that we'll be seeing Michonne as early as Season 2," the comic book writer told USA Today. "The Governor is probably a little ways off from Season 2 — maybe Season 3 or beyond."

Based on Kirkman's words, it appears that Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors won't encounter the Woodbury community in next year's second season. No matter — there are plenty of other possibilities to look forward to.

Kirkman also talked about the differences between writing Rick in the comic book series versus writing the television version of the character played by Andrew Lincoln.

"The Rick that exists in the comic book now that I am writing is very much different from the Rick Grimes that appears in the television show," he said. "It's really like doing two completely separate things because so much time has passed and the characters have changed so much and, you know, a lot of the characters have died."

"I like to call the one in the comic book 'Crazy Rick' because he will do anything he has to do to survive, even if it's seemingly wrong, just because," Kirkman added, saying that the television version of Rick isn't quite ready to make the tough choices that "Crazy Rick" is capable of. "There were some times when I had to pull back, but I was able to rein myself in and not doing anything too crazy."

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