Ron Perlman Teases 'Hellboy III' And 'Conan' Role

Ron PerlmanEven though Guillermo del Toro says that series lead Ron Perlman isn't interested in spending "six hours" in the makeup chair for "Hellboy III," the actor himself insists that another round with Big Red is a good idea.

"I hope there's a third 'Hellboy,' simply because [del Toro] always thought of it as a trilogy," Perlman told Examiner. "And when he set up that [Liz Sherman] is pregnant with twins at the end of 'Hellboy 2,' he kind of sketched out what the third 'Hellboy' movie would look like. It's so theatrical. It's so epic. It's so dark."

So, what exactly does that sketch of "Hellboy III" look like? Perlman didn't reveal everything, but he did tease that the cigar-chomping demon would tap into his dark side.

"We have to find out about the Hellboy destiny," he said. "It's written in stone that he's going to destroy mankind. That's what he's been brought to Earth to do. So the whole dialogue between nurture and nature gets to live itself out in the third 'Hellboy' movie. But if there's no third one, then the audience doesn't get to see any of that."

So, count Perlman among the many fans who wants to see a third "Hellboy" movie: "It's worth doing."

Perlman also discussed his role in "Conan the Barbarian," saying he's only in the movie for about ten minutes.

"I can’t tell everything, but the first sequence is huge. It’s epic. All I can tell you is that I work with the Conan who’s 11 years old. And there’s a jump cut to Conan the adult, and I’m no longer on the scene. I don’t want to give away anything."

Somehow, I think he just did.

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