New 'Green Hornet' Clip: Introducing 'Kato Vision'

Way back in May 2010, "The Green Hornet" director Michel Gondry attempted to explain the fighting style used by Kato, the classic pulp hero's partner, and the camera techniques he used to bring it to the screen.

At the time, it was a little hard to imagine on the screen, but now that the film's premiere is right around the corner, we don't have to imagine it any more — we can see it for ourselves in a new clip from the film.

Gondry described his unique "Kato Vision" as the way in which the character "envisions the fight before he does it."

"Usually he spots out elements or details that he's going to use to his advantage," he explained in the 2010 interview. "So, it's like a video game, but you go inside his eye. And especially with 3-D, it's going to be very effective because you're going to see all of the layers of the eye."

"[Kato] knows he's going to grab a guy by his hair and this guy by the neck [or] he's going to [take] this bottle and smash it on this guy," he continued. "So, that's what he does and then he executes his plan."

And the results? Well, you can see them for yourself in that clip...

"The Green Hornet" premieres January 14.

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