'Spider-Man' Musical Makes Casting Changes, Injured Actor Speaks Out

Spider-Man"Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" actress Natalie Mendoza has left the production in the wake of an on-stage injury she suffered in November, leaving the musical without a performer occupying the pivotal role of Arachne.

But the role is no longer vacant, as Reuters reports that actress Teresa Carpio is succeeding Mendoza as the "Spider-Man" musical's new Arachne. She'll take over the role as of tonight's performance, having already played the part during the numerous previews since Mendoza's accident.

Mendoza and producers announced the actor's departure from "Turn off the Dark" at the end of last year, citing her need to recover from a head injury sustained during the show's first preview performance in November.

Although she's taking over the role from Mendoza, Carpio was already part of the "Spider-Man" family. The actress was originally cast in the show as Miss Arrow, one of the friendly neighborhood web-slinger's many enemies. Alice Lee will take over the role from Carpio. Additionally, Carpio has history with "Spider-Man" director Julie Taymor, as the two collaborated on the Beatles-inspired fantasy film "Across the Universe."

In other "Spider-Man" musical news, injured aerialist Christopher Tierney has spoken out publicly for the first time since his controversial on-stage accident in December.

"It was just a bit of human error," he said in an interview with WCBS-TV. "I'm supposed to jump off the bridge, but it catches me. And I was tethered to my back, but it just wasn't tethered to the stage and I just went for it, like I do with everything. There was no pulling myself back."

Tierney plans on returning to the show once he's made a full recovery.

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