Comics 101: Thor's Greatest Enemies

ThorIn the other-dimensional realm of Asgard, Thor and his people have spent their lives fighting the demonic Frost Giants that constantly try to invade their home. However, Frost Giants aren’t the only menace a hero has to face when he’s both a god of thunder and a superhero of the Marvel Universe.

With more and more news hitting the wire these days regarding the upcoming "Thor" film directed by Kenneth Branagh, it's time to get reacquainted with some of Thor’s deadliest foes.


Created by Odin as a fail-safe war machine, the Destroyer Armor has flight capabilities, invulnerability, enough strength to injure the Hulk, and energy blasts that can actually tear apart Thor’s hammer. The Destroyer requires a living soul to inhabit it as a pilot. But the longer that person inhabits the armor, the more corrupt they become.

Years ago, Thor’s arch-enemy Loki discovered the Destroyer Armor and over the years he’s tricked different people into inhabiting it and combating the god of thunder. Look for the Destroyer in the upcoming movie!



Ex-boxer and convicted criminal Carl “Crusher” Creel given superhuman abilities thanks to Thor’s enemy Loki. Now armed with the ability to increase his mass while mimicking the properties of any substance he touched, the Absorbing Man’s given Thor many decent fights over the years.

Absorbing Man


Amora was the most powerful sorceress in Asgard, driven by an unhealthy obsession to bring Thor under her power. Over the years, she helped several of Loki’s evil schemes, has hypnotized Thor’s friends into turning against him, and has often tricked others into acting as her agents.

Eventually, she tried to make up for her evil ways and act as Thor’s allies, but there’s no telling when she might change her mind again.



Enthralled by the Enchantress, Skurge made it his mission to defeat Thor for her. A few times, he even teamed with Earth’s super-villains and fought other heroes, including the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. A master combatant, Skurge the Executioner was adept at various weapons, from swords to machine guns, and often used a magic, double-bladed battle-axe that could shoot both fire and ice and slice open doorways to other dimensions.

Skurge made up for his past by sacrificing himself to protect Thor and Balder, but his spirit has returned more than once, and his mystical axe later created the villain Bloodaxe.



The Asgardians aren’t the only other-dimensional beings who’ve been worshipped as gods by ancient man. Ares, god of war, and Pluto, god of the underworld, have both faced Thor and his allies on different occasions. Both have led invasion forces to Earth and Asgard, leading to wars where Thor needed not only his fellow gods but also groups of superheroes at his side in order to win.

An epic battle of different pantheons would be something to see on the big screen.



Loki was born in the race of Frost Giants, but was an embarrassment due to his smaller size. When Odin killed his father in combat, Loki attempted revenge. Rather than kill the boy, Odin respected his inner strength and gave him a new home, raising him as a son alongside Thor. But Loki only grew resentful towards his adopted father and the brother who was stronger, more handsome and more loved by the people than he.

Discovering a talent for magic and manipulation, Loki became the god of lies and mischief and Thor’s fiercest enemy. Over the years, he’s fought the heroic thunder god in many different ways, sometimes directly, sometimes by creating new super-villains, sometimes by tricking allies into turning against him. Once, Loki manipulated the Hulk as part of a plan to destroy Thor. But this attracted the attention of other heroes and inadvertently led to the creation of the first Avengers team.

It’s no wonder that Loki is said to not only be in the upcoming "Thor" film, but possibly in the "Avengers" movie as well.


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