The New Batman Is... Kim Jong Il?

Move over, Christian Bale — there's a new Batman coming to the big screen.

Kim Jong Il Ends Nuclear Program For Lead In Next 'Batman'

Humor site The Onion News Network jokes that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has been given the lead in the next Batman movie in exchange for suspending his nation's nuclear program. According to the report, talks began after Kim sent U.S. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton oil paintings of himself as Batman.

And while the story itself is pretty hilarious, it was the paintings of Kim Jong Il as Batman that made this absolutely necessary to share with you here.

Kim Jong Il - Batman

"National Batman Hero: For The Betterment Of Economic Self-Sufficiency" hits theaters... in an alternate universe where things like this happen.

Bravo to The Onion crew. This one's a keeper.

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