MTV Splash Page's Top Stories Of 2010!

Iron Man 2The year is almost over, and what a year it's been here on Splash Page.

Last week, we gave you our picks for the best of this year's comic books and webcomics, movies and television, and even news, rumors, and swag. This week, we sorted through 12 months of traffic data to bring you the Top 10 Interviews of 2010 and the Top 10 Trailers & Clips of 2010.

Today, we wrap things up with the grand finale: The Top 10 Stories Of 2010.

Ranked in ascending order, the 10 stories on the following list were clicked on more than any other stories this year. Think you know what the most popular post was? The answer might surprise you! (Click on each headline to read the original story.)

Mandarin10. Five Villains We Could See In "Iron Man 3"

Just after the release date for "Iron Man 3" was announced, we decided to offer up a list of five villains we'd love to see facing off against Tony Stark in Marvel's third "Iron Man" film. From legacy villain Ezekial Stane to everyone's favorite Organism Designed Only for Killing, MODOK, our list encompassed a mix of villains tat would make sense for the film (like Mandarin) and villains that, well... we're dying to see on the big screen for any reason whatsoever (MODOK). Apparently we weren't alone in having some thoughts on the subject, because the list became one of our most popular posts of the year!

Iron Man 29. Second "Iron Man 2" Trailer Arrives... And It Has Briefcase Armor!

After the first "Iron Man" movie knocked it out of the park, everyone wanted to know how Favreau and the Marvel crew would build on that success in "Iron Man 2." While the first "Iron Man 2" trailer was impressive, it was the debut of Tony's briefcase armor in the second trailer — and the extended fight scene with War Machine — that had everyone watching, rewatching, and analyzing every detail of the second trailer.

Catwoman8. Five Potential "Dark Knight Rises" Villains Who Aren't The Riddler

Back in October, Christopher Nolan dropped a few big details about the upcoming third installment of his Batman movie franchise. Along with naming the title of the film ("The Dark Knight Rises"), Nolan officially removed The Riddler from the list of potential villains in the project. Naturally, that news prompted us to come up with a list of five villains who could appear in "Dark Knight Rises" for one reason or another — and readers weren't shy about weighing in with their picks, either!

Iron MAn 27. "Iron Man 2" Post-Credits Scene Revealed!

Sure, by now we've seen what Thor's mighty hammer, Mjolnir, will look like in the upcoming Marvel movie — but back in April, "Iron Man 2" was just about to hit theaters when its secret, post-credits scene that debuted the hammer arrived online. Such is the nature of the Internet these days, and while the grainy footage has since been taken down, the brief time it was available gave fans their first peek at one of the most iconic weapons in the Marvel Universe brought to life. Is there any wonder why this post made the Top 10 list?

Captain America6. First Photos Of "Captain America" Star Chris Evans As Steve Rogers

Long before we got our first look at "Captain America" star Chris Evans suited up in the Marvel hero's red, white, and blue costume, these photos from the UK set of the film gave us our first peek at Evans as Steve Rogers, Cap's alter ego. The photos had everyone talking about Evan's bulked-up look for the film, as well as those crazy flesh-colored booties he was wearing in the scene being shot that day.

Green Lantern5. Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern: The Costume Cover

Right before San Diego Comic-Con, the world got its first look at "Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds in costume as the ring-wielding protector of Space Sector 2814. While opinions of the costume were — and remain to this day — fairly divided, this cover shot was our very first look at the form Hal Jordan's costume would take in the 2011 film. Since then, we've seen quite a bit more of Reynolds in action in the "Green Lantern" trailer, but wow — what a first impression, eh?

Christopher Nolan4. "Batman 3" Will End The Story, Says Christopher Nolan

Back before Christopher Nolan revealed the title of the next Batman movie, we all just referred to it as "Batman 3" — and after this March interview, we also started calling it the final film in Nolan's Bat-franchise. No doubt, this was big news when it hit the wire, so it makes sense that it hits the list as the #4 story of the year!

Thor3. First "Thor" Image Arrives Online

Not to be outdone by that early, unofficial peek at the Mjolnir from the "Iron Man 2" post-credits scene, Marvel released the very first image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor just a few days later. An artsy shot that had us all speculating about the source material for the film, the first "Thor" image had everyone talking when it debuted, and vaulted the story into the Top 3 posts of 2010.

Thundercats2. New "Thundercats" Animated Series Announced!

Here's one that came out of left field: The announcement of a new "Thundercats" animated series surprised the heck out of everyone at Splash Page HQ and the rest of the online world when it first hit the wire in June. Warner Bros. Animation announced their plans for a darker, "21st Century reimagining" of the classic '80s cartoon with a brand new promo image and a ridiculously cool poster that currently hangs on the wall here at Splash Page HQ. Apparently, we weren't alone in getting a little (okay, a lot) excited about this news!

And now we're down to just one story... the biggest story of the year. It was the story that was clicked on the most in 2010, and it was...

(Imagine a drumroll here, please...)

Green Lantern1. Ryan Reynolds Gets Suited Up In 'Green Lantern' Set Pic!

Okay, so maybe the headline had a lot to do with this story's success, given that it hit the 'net a full two months before Ryan Reynolds made his in-costume debut as Hal Jordan on a magazine cover. But hey, he technically was getting "suited up" in this pic from the set of "Green Lantern" that we posted back in May. And while I received some heat for the headline wording ("Ryan Reynolds Wears Motion-Capture Suit On The Set Of 'Green Lantern' Movie" seemed a bit too... boring), the picture did provide one key piece of news regarding the project: that Reynolds' costume would be almost entirely computer-generated in the 2011 film.

After all the numbers were crunched, this story was clicked on more than any other story this year on Splash Page — and by a wide margin, in fact. It was read almost twice as many times as the #2 story for 2010, and actually ranks as one of the top stories in the history of the site.

It just goes to show you how weird of a year we had in 2010. Who would've guessed at the beginning of the year that the top two stories after 12 months would involve the "Thundercats" cartoon and Ryan Reynolds not in a Green Lantern costume?

Anyways... That's about it for 2010, folks! Thanks for another year of your attention, comments, and all-around awesomeness for the last 12 months. See you in 2011!

What were your favorite stories of 2010? Were you surprised by the stories that were in our Top 10 of 2010? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall, on Twitter!

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