Mark Millar Says 'Superior' Movie Will Star 'Most High Profile Actor Of 2010'

SuperiorBetween "Wanted," "Kick-Ass" and the recently announced "Nemesis," comic book creator Mark Millar has certainly enjoyed no small amount of success in Hollywood thus far. Now, based on his latest remarks, it appears that another one of his projects is about to make a major splash in the form of "Superior," his latest creator-owned project.

"Huge news," Millar told his followers on Twitter last week. "'Superior' movie just locked down most high profile actor of 2010. Official release in January."

In fairness, Millar isn't unaccustomed to hyping up his own material, but he typically delivers on what he's promising — from a certain vantage point, at the very least. But even if Millar is telling the truth about the latest "Superior" development, a key question remains: just who the heck is the "high profile actor" he's talking about?

Identifying one actor as the single most high profile actor of 2010 isn't easy. It's even harder when imagining that actor as an adequate candidate to star in "Superior," Millar's latest creator-owned work about a teenager suffering from multiple sclerosis who is suddenly transformed into the almighty Superior after receiving a visit from an alien monkey.

Some early speculation pegged "Mad Men" actor and frequent "Superman" rumor magnet Jon Hamm for the role, but as much as we love the guy, he doesn't exactly fit the bill for the highest profile actor of 2010. Other actors that come to mind include Ryan Reynolds — though another role standing in the way of him and "Deadpool" would thoroughly crush us — and Sam Worthington, the star of some smaller films you've never heard of before like "Avatar" and "Clash of the Titans."

Jesse Eisenberg is another strong pick; his star rose to meteoric heights after his turn in "The Social Network," a role he's practically destined to receive an Oscar nomination for. But Eisenberg would only be a solid candidate to play young Simon; he would be a stretch for Superior himself, to say the least.

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