New 'X-Men: First Class' Set Photos And Possible Plot Details Emerge

X-Men: First ClassRemember those "X-Men: First Class" set photos of the Blackbird that we posted earlier in the month? It turns out there's a whole lot more where that came from!

Comic Book Movie has posted several photos from the "First Class" set, including an extensive look at the destroyed Blackbird that we showed you a few weeks ago. An included piece of storyboard art indicates that a mutant may be responsible for the decimation of the Blackbird, though the exact whos and hows remain unknown.

That's not all we've got for you on the "X-Men" front, however, as someone who claims to have been a part of the "First Class" crew has posted a wide range of potential spoilers for the movie over at Superhero Hype. We've posted some of the highlights here.

Before we proceed, we should acknowledge the very real possibility that everything you're about to read is bogus; there's simply no way of verifying whether or not the poster in question is who they claim to be. That said, some of the possible spoilers sound fairly legit — so let's dive in, salt in hand.

According to the tipster, the costumes seen in "X-Men: First Class" differ from the black leather seen in previous "X-Men" films, opting instead for "a very vibrant blue and yellow" look like the classic comic book character designs. Surprisingly, Mystique is said to have a costume, indicating that she's a member of the X-Men before joining Magneto and his nefarious Brotherhood.

Some details on the Hellfire Club have emerged, with the tipster suggesting that Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost's hangout spot is located at "either a strip club or a casino, and it might be on a boat." Speaking of the Hellfire Club, there's supposedly a fight sequence between Beast, Mystique and the villain, who may or may not be Shaw himself.

Finally, it sounds as if there's an amusing Easter egg when the mutant Azazel shouts out at Mystique during a fight: "You will have my baby!" Ironically enough, Azazel got his wish in the comics, as Mystique gave birth to his son Kurt Wagner, better known as Nightcrawler.

X-Men first Class

X-Men first Class

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