Superman Is... Javier Bardem?!

Javier BardemLadies and gentlemen, Javier Bardem is Superman!

Well, perhaps we should clarify that last sentence a bit, because if you're thinking that Bardem is about to saddle up as the Man of Steel in director Zack Snyder's forthcoming "Superman" reboot, you're in for a disappointment. Instead, Bardem has already scratched his superhero itch, portraying the classic DC Comics character in a 1989 episode of Spanish comedy series "El Dia Por Delante."

Check out the hilarious — not to mention embarrasing — footage of Bardem as Superman past the jump!

The footage (courtesy of Bleeding Cool) is over 20 years old, but it's relatively new to the blogosphere thanks to talk show host and Team Coco arch-nemesis Jay Leno. During an appearance on The Tonight Show last week in promotion of his new film "Biutiful," Leno prodded Bardem about the most embarassing jobs of his career. The Oscar winning actor didn't divulge his secret identity right away, but in a move straight out of Lex Luthor's playbook, Leno was already well aware of Bardem's days as the spandex-clad superhero.

After rewatching the old clip, Bardem confessed that his brief stint as Superman made him reconsider his path as an actor. Thankfully, he didn't back away from his career, resulting in a vast array of brilliant performances with many more sure to come. Still, we have to admit that seeing the erstwhile Anton Chigurh in full-on Superman mode is absolutely priceless, no matter how embarassing it may have been for the actor at the time.

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