'Spider-Man' Musical Loses Another Actor To Injury

Spider-Man musicalIt's starting to feel like there isn't a day that goes by without another report of catastrophe on the set of "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark," the troubled Broadway musical with the record-breaking budget.

This time around, stunt actor Christopher Tierney was injured after falling from a ledge during last night's performance. Tierney is one of several actors who doubles for lead Reeve Carney during the show's aerial maneuvers, and reportedly became detached from his safety harness during a scene in which Spider-Man leaps off a ledge to save Mary Jane Watson. A Bellevue Hospital representative told CNN that Tierney was in serious condition.

TMZ has posted footage from the accident, which is said to have occurred during the last seven minutes of the show.

The accident comes on the heels of "Turn Off The Dark" cast members discussing the notorious safety issues that have plagued the production, and the most recent delay of the show's premiere, which is now scheduled for February 2011.

And today's accident was far from the first injury to the "Spider-Man" cast. Actress Natalie Mendoza, who plays Arachne in the musical, was injured earlier this month when she was reportedly struck on the head by a rope during a preview performance. The show's November debut to preview audiences was similarly plagued by technical difficulties.

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