Kevin Bacon Confirms His 'X-Men: First Class' Role, Doesn't Expect Much Action

Kevin BaconIt's about as official as it gets: Kevin Bacon is Sebastian Shaw.

Rumors have been swirling around about who the "Hollow Man" actor might play in "X-Men: First Class" since he first joined the cast, but it now appears official that Bacon is signed on as Sebastian Shaw. The character was confirmed in a recent interview with the actor, though Bacon added that he doesn't expect he'll get in on too much action for the superhero film.

"I'll let the younger actors do that," he told Philadelphia Style (via Coming Soon). "I'm more one of those sit-in-my-chair-and-destroy-the-world type of guys."

It's a bit disappointing to hear that Bacon won't be filming action-heavy scenes, especially given Sebastian Shaw's mutant ability to transform kinetic energy into pure physical strength. Perhaps a stunt double will get involved with the action scenes in Bacon's place — we hope so, at least, because ignoring Shaw's action-centric powers would be a hugely missed opportunity.

In other "First Class" news, there's an update on the recent filming at Jekyll Island in Georgia. Eric Garvey, the chief communications officer for Jekyll Island Authority, spoke about how his home turf will be represented in Matthew Vaughn's forthcoming "X-Men" flick.

"I understand some area you won't recognize but some areas you will," he told Live 5 News. "Like, for example, the fishing pier will be recognizable in the film. So we are excited about that. Hopefully, it will drive some visitation here and on in the future."

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