'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' Cast Members Weigh In On Safety Concerns

Spider-ManAfter numerous injuries in recent weeks, it's no wonder that "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" has suffered yet another delay. But sources close to the show are citing creative difficulties, not safety issues, as the reason for this latest delay.

Even the show's cast and crew are weighing in on the highly publicized safety problems that have left three actors with significant injuries. In an interview with Variety, actress Jenn Damiano, who stars as Mary Jane Watson, addressed the concerns rather bluntly: "I think everybody knows what they signed up for."

"Being an actor is like being an athlete," added Patrick Page, who plays Green Goblin. "It's a physical thing. If a baseball player gets hit by a baseball, you think, 'Wow, we should really work to avoid that.' But we're not terribly surprised."

Jenny Slattery, one of several assistant stage managers on "Turn off the Dark," added that there are certain aspects of the Spider-Man musical that are definitely alarming, such as the show's reliance on aerial stunts.

"The flying is scary, but every aspect of it is very controlled," she said. "But once that hole is in the floor, there are actors not attached to anything running near it. I don't think you can stand above it or below [the pit] and watch somebody approaching it at speed and not feel a little clench."

Page weighed in on Slattery's comments, saying: "What I'm struck by in this process [is that] you know this is part stage management, part air traffic controller. That kind of appetite for the challenge has been so inspiring to me."

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