DreamWorks Animation Secures Rights For 'Maintenance' Adaptation

MaintenanceIf you thought your job was bad, clearly you've never worked in the custodial department of a massive evil science empire. But don't worry — you'll have plenty of other opportunities to learn about the hardships of "Maintenance."

The Hollywood Reporter reports that DreamWorks Animation has acquired the movie rights to "Maintenance," based on the Oni Press comic book created by writer Jim Massey and illustrator Robbi Rodriguez.

"Maintenance" was most recently in development at Warner Bros. as a directing vehicle for "Terminator Salvation" director McG based on a screenplay from Joe Ballarini, but that version's status is currently unknown in light of the DreamWorks deal.

Originally published by "Scott Pilgrim" publishers Oni Press in 2006, "Maintenance" told the story of Doug and Manny, two janitors working for the world's biggest and best evil science think tank, TerroMax Inc. The duo routinely mops up the mess when a big evil experiment goes wrong, but their daily chores extend beyond the simple custodian requirements — sometimes, a day's work involves contending with mad scientists, jetpack-wearing cavemen, alien repomen and even the cute girl working at the reception desk.

The concept of "Maintenance" isn't dissimilar to "Damage Control," a short-lived Marvel Comics property about an organization that dealt with superhero cleanup. By all accounts, "Maintenance" seemingly examines another aspect of the same equation: the mess that evil geniuses leave in their wake.

"Maintenance" marks yet another superhero-themed project for DreamWorks, which previously released similar films such as "Megamind" and "Monsters Vs. Aliens."

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