Josh Brolin Calls 'Men In Black 3' Script 'Fantastic,' Promises 'It's Not Jonah Hex'

Last we heard from the "Men In Black 3" camp, the plan was to shoot the modern day scenes in the time-traveling sequel before the end of the year, then go on hiatus until February, when the scenes unfolding in 1969 will be filmed. However, there were rumors of some creative issues that played a role in the upcoming hiatus, possibly prompting a rewrite of the 1969-era plot.

When MTV News caught up with Josh Brolin during the press junket for his new film "True Grit," the actor heaped praise on the "Men In Black 3" script, but stepped cautiously around the rumors of script difficulties.

"Not yet," Brolin told MTV News when asked if he'd filmed any of his role in "Men In Black 3" yet — which makes sense, given that he'll play the 1969 version of Tommy Lee Jones' character.

However, asked whether he's happy with the existing script — or if a final draft has even been locked down — Brolin stepped a bit more carefully around the subject.

"It's not 'Jonah Hex,'" he joked, referring to the notorious, ever-changing "Jonah Hex" script that plagued his last comic book movie experience.

"I love that that's like the thing," he laughed. "There's 'No Country [For Old Men]' and then there's 'Jonah Hex.'"

"No, it's great, it's fantastic," he said of the current "Men In Black 3" script, "but that's all I can say."

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