'Twilight' Writer Tackles 'AKA Jessica Jones' For Marvel TV

Jessica JonesPlans are already in the works for television adaptations of "Hulk" and "Cloak and Dagger," and now you can add yet another character's name to the growing list of Marvel's TV franchises: Jessica Jones.

The "Alias" protagonist is at the heart of "AKA Jessica Jones," a new television series currently in development for ABC. Variety reports that "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is adapting the character for her next TV project, serving as the writer and executive producer on "AKA Jessica Jones."

Although Guillermo del Toro and David Eick are already in place for "Hulk," Variety reports that "Jessica Jones" is far along enough in development that it's likely to become Marvel TV's first official project for ABC.

A somewhat obscure character in Marvel lore, Jessica Jones was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos for the series "Alias," part of Marvel's MAX imprint for mature readers. In the series, Jones has come down with post-traumatic stress disorder in light of her career as the superhero Jewel, leading her to a new line of work as a private investigator. Although she vows to abandon her super-powered ways, Jones finds herself sucked back into the world of capes and tights before long.

Jones, who currently appears in the pages of "New Avengers," is engaged in a romantic relationship with Luke Cage, who is the father of her child. Whether or not Cage winds up in "Jessica Jones" remains to be seen, but it could be a natural way to launch a "Heroes for Hire" spinoff co-starring Cage and Iron Fist.

Rosenberg is producing "Jessica Jones" alongside Jeph Loeb and Joe Quesada. Bendis is serving as a consultant on the project. Both ABC Studios and Marvel executives declined to comment on Variety's original report.

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