New 'Godzilla' Comic Art And Creative Team Revealed

Godzilla comicBack in October, we brought you the exclusive news that Godzilla was returning to comics — and he was bringing a whole mess of monsters with him. Today, IDW Publishing has revealed the creative team that will handle Godzilla's new adventures, and offered up a brand new cover image for the series.

Scripted by "Goon" creator Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh, the newly retitled "Godzilla: Monster World" will feature art by Phil Hester ("Green Arrow," "Firebreather") and painted covers by Powell and Alex Ross. According to IDW, the series unfolds in a world where "the monsters are a force of nature whose attacks can be no more predicted or rationalized than a lightning strike. There will be no clean-cut heroes with perfectly chiseled chins and capes billowing in the wind; only ordinary human beings struggling desperately to survive in a world gone mad."

"Godzilla: Monster World" #1 will hit shelves in March 2011.

Godzilla comic

By the way, if the wait until March 2011 seems too long for more Godzilla in your life, go ahead and check out the movie "Godzilla: Final Wars." You can thank me later.

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